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Wine Buy of the Week  (Transitional Reds)

This is the season for medium-bodied reds like Cotes-du-Rhone and other grenache wines, as well as Gamay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Italian
varieties (barbera, montepulciano).

La Merrigia Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2015    Abruzzi, Italy  $14**+  Montepulciano is a place (in Tuscany), but it's also a grape, planted widely in central and southern Italy. The Abruzzi region on high elevations overlooking the Adriatic Sea produces some of the best Montepulcianos. La Meriggia is an excellent example:  richly colored, medium body, dark berry flavors--great choice for autumn grilling.  From CapriFlavors in Cary.
Chiarlo Barbera d'Asti 2015   Piemonte    $12.99-15**   Bright red fruit flavors give this refreshing red great appeal. Barberas from Asti tend to be lighter than sturdy, earthier versions from Alba, very good choices for grilled sausages and vegetables, roast chicken or pork.
Château de Campuget 2015 Costières de Nimes   Rhône Valley           $12-14**+    Smooth and round this well-balanced quaff is firm but juicy, and an excellent choice for easing into fall with grilled meats.
Chinon Les Terrasses 2015, Lambert   Loire Valley  $17-18**+   Juicy red fruits (cherry, red currant) in this cabernet franc make it a perfect transitional red, actually quite nice on its own. 


Choice Whites
Dry Creek Vineyard 2017 Sauvignon Blanc   Dry Creek Valley***
$17-20, and well worth it--one of the tastiest Sauvignons I've had recently, due perhaps to  13.5% musqué in the blend which lends spicy accents to the zest of tangerine and the creaminess of lemon curd. Very well-balanced, youthful and fresh, an excellent choice for seafood and shellfish (also beet and goat cheese salad). wbow
Rodney Strong 2016 Sauvignon Blanc 'Charlotte's Home'   $14-16*** Best version of this wine to date--dry, but intense tangy flavors, spicy citrus and excellent balance. Great choice for summer seafood, goat cheese-and-beet salad, shrimp or other seafood pastas. Elicio Vermentino 2017  Rhône Valley  $15**+   Vermentino, happy to report, is much more widely planted today--its bright, crisp fruit and tangy mineral accents make it an excellent summer white, a very good match for seafood and shellfish. This "Méditerranée" wine from the southern Rhône is dry and most appealing, as well as excellent value.
Jordan 2015 Chardonnay   Russian River  $32*** 
Excellent! But don't be in a rush to drink this beautifully structured, deftly oaked Chardonnay—it will be even better in two or three years (2020-21), though its finesse is most enjoyable now. Recently I had the 2012, which was absolutely lovely!
Angelini 2017 Pinot Grigio  Veneto  $10-12**+ 
While some consider them the cliché of white wines Grigios are hard to beat in affordable dry whites for summer's seafood and casual sipping--get 'em while they're young and fresh and at their best, as in this 2017 from Angelini:  clean, crisp, with tangy bright fruit and a nice touch of minerality. And a bargain!

Bubbles.........I always have one on ice, just in case. And it's a great way to launch a fine dinner. Try this one:
Meiomi Sparkling Wine      North Coast      $20-26**+    Made from the classic pinot noir and chardonnay grapes using the traditional methode champenoise.  Dry, lively and well-balanced.

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