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BORDEAUX:  The Bitter Finish
Join Janet Hubbard for mystery, murder and intrigue as she reads from her novel set in Bordeaux, where fine wines originated.
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SATURDAY APRIL 26, 2014 - 2 PM
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Washington Duke Inn:  A Day at the Derby, May 3, 2014  A full day of  events on Saturday, the day of the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby, with brunch, afternoon high tea and Dinner at Dusk to watch the big event at 6:30 pm
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Tastes of Spring  
liLighter--fresher--seasonal--my menus are lightening up as the weather warms, so the wines I'm drinking are, too.
Arnaldo Caprai Grecante 2011  Umbria  $17-20**+   Zesty aromas of lemon and orange peel make this appealing dry white from central Italy a delightful choice for spring dishes....or just sipping on its own before dinner, preferably alfresco as the temperatures rise.  Good with sautéed chicken breat, lighter fish or shellfish.

Estancia Pinot Noir 2012, Monterey   $16-17 **  I'm still drinking reds, of course, especially Pinot Noir. The Estancia is one of the lighter ones, but still has the spicy fruit flavors that suit grilled salmon, smoked meats, roast ham and numerous cheeses. Good value.

Rodney Strong 2011 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley  $20**   Smooth, round and ready to drink, with spicy aromas and a nice punch of juicy flavors. Good for grilled duck breast or sausages, veal  ragout, grilled sockeye.

Folk Machine 2013 Tocai Friulano, Mendocino**+ $14    Sleek, brisk, racy--this crisp dry white, made from the Tocai grape native to Friuli and other hilly regions of northern Italy, is rare in the U.S. so it's nice to have such a good one surface in the Triangle. The fruit has mere hints of pear, citrus, minerals and hazelnuts in a pleasing mingle of flavors, an excellent match for seafood pastas.
Tomero Malbec 2012, Argentina  $13**  A smooth, juicy, full-bodied (but not heavy) Malbec; hand-picked grapes from highland vineyards above Mendoza. A very quaffable red--and great value. Tomero also makes a Cabernet Sauvignon, but it's somewhat angular at the moment and needs a few years in bottle; good value for the future drinking.

Laurent Miquel Syrah - Grenache 2011  France $11.99**
  More emphasis on fruit in this red from the South of France, chewy and succulent, simple and very drinkable, it will happily suit casual meats from burgers to brisket, as well as pizza and other cheese dishes. Less rugged than Côtes-du-Rhône; very good value.


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